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A George III four poster bed

A George III four poster bed

Code: P0729314


W: 170cm (66.9")H: 250cm (98.4")L: 215cm (84.6")

£4,500.00 Approx $6189.82, €5269.32

A George the third mahogany and Beechwood four poster bed with Hepplewhite style mahogany posts attached to a Beechwood frame.The headboard padded attached to old upright pine. Pair of square posts presumably contemporary with the canopy pine covered in cloth in the form of a carriage top stretched with no new material. The curtains on a wrought iron hoop allowing for the curtains to travel from the head and right the way round to the foot end without interruption, Allowing for if necessary for curtains at the foot end and a pair of the head, The mattress frame is on wheels And cast iron supports attaching to the underside of the frame, Mahogany post dating from 1780, English.