A pair of Derby style Samson large figures

A pair of Derby style Samson large figures

Code: P07230825


H: 59cm (23.2")

£1,800.00 Approx $2227.72, €2090.59

The Beau figure exudes suave sophistication, with a posture that radiates confidence and charm. Adorned in an exquisite period attire, his finely tailored garments feature vibrant polychrome patterns, showcasing the skilled ceramic artists' mastery in every detail, from the elegant folds of his coat to the intricately rendered lace on his ruffled shirt.

Standing alongside the Beau is his captivating companion, a vision of beauty and grace. Her attire reflects the opulence of the time, with resplendent polychrome motifs adorning her gown. Delicate gilt brushstrokes enhance the ornate floral patterns, casting a gentle glow upon her radiant figure. Her serene expression and poised posture evoke timeless elegance, capturing the essence of femininity and refinement.

These Derby-style Samson large figures go beyond mere decorative pieces, embodying the allure of a bygone era and serving as a testament to the exquisite artistry of their creators.