A Louis XVI period bronze chandelier

A Louis XVI period bronze chandelier

Code: P0727962


W: 61cm (24")H: 112cm (44.1")


An exquisite Louis XVI period bronze and crystal chandelier, the birdcage shaped bronze frame bearing stamped numbers, typical of the period, allowing the chandelier to be dismantled for travel with its owners in the 18th Century, profusely hung with cut crystal plaque and rosettes, the crystal drops with exquisite very small bubbles and flaws within, again typical of the period, projecting 6 arms of light, with bronze drip pans and nozzles, with later glass bobèches (probably Circa 1880), and terminated by a solid glass ball (later also), the arms alternating light with 6 wonderful cut glass finials, original, topped by further 3 glass finial, of a smaller model, 2 original and one Circa 1880, the cage frame hung by an original 18th century glass stem, topped by a corona, enclosing further glass elements and supporting a large glass finial, also original. France, Louis XVI period (1754 – 1793).