A pair of Italian chandeliers

A pair of Italian chandeliers

Code: P0728802

Dimensions:W: 70cm (27.6")H: 90cm (35.4")

£5,500.00 Approx $7096.77, €6417.74

A pair of Italian ten light plus one central light chandeliers with a dark bronzed frame of fine and delicate nature. The candle cups, now converted for electricity, are of glass with thumb print moulding, hung with four icicles above button swags and large faceted pear drops. Below which hangs regiments of button and icicles hung from stubs of beaded glass. The centre hung with a small solid ball, below an upward rising ballista mounted with a single light as a luster. The top crowned with almond shaped crystal glass, forming rosettes of daisies with further icicles as pendants.. Italian, circa 1930.


Approx weight 10kg