An Exquisite Eight Arm Rock Crystal Chandelier

An Exquisite Eight Arm Rock Crystal Chandelier

Code: P0728993


W: 57cm (22.4")H: 89cm (35")


A rock crystal, exquisite eight arm cage chandelier with a cut and faceted centre finial, above a large bell shaped six sided bottom finial. The drops, mainly of pear shape, vary in size with tins of smoke courts and clear Rock Crystal. The drip pans and frame all Ormolu and hung with small faceted pear and diamond shaped 18th century style drops.

The opposite side of the frame festooned with oval and circular faceted beads and the tops are mounted with a plume of two rows; one of diamond cut kites and the outer with larger smoky courts pair drops.

Circa 1860, with earlier elements of crystal.


25kg approx