An important Louis XVI style chandelier

An important Louis XVI style chandelier

Code: P0728269


W: 90cm (35.4")H: 87cm (34.3")


A large, highly decorative fine quality 19th century gilt bronze chandelier in the style of Louis XIV, in the manner of Andre Charles Boulle. Female caryatid heads representative of Diana the huntress on the central baluster vase. The stem is decorated with satire faces, rams heads, husk garlands and acanthus leaves scrolls. French, Circa 1860. ANDRE-CHARLES BOULLE Andr-Charles Boulle was awarded the title of master cabinet-maker before 1666 and in 1672 was granted the Royal priviledge of lodging in the Galeries du Louvre. In the same year, Boulle was appointed cabinet-maker and sculptor to Louis XIV, allowing him to produce works in gilt-bronze, such as chandeliers, wall-lights, and mounts for his own furniture. Although strict guild regulations usually prevented artists from practicing two professions simultaneously, Boulle's favored position allowed him protected status and exempted him from the guild rules.