Indian Silver beaker with lid

Indian Silver beaker with lid

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£1,500.00 Approx $1896.33, €1752.34

This exquisite Indian Silver beaker with lid is a stunning example of craftsmanship from the early 19th century, possibly originating from the renowned silver workshops of Lucknow, India. Crafted from original silver gilt, this beaker exudes opulence and historical significance.

Measuring 13 cm in height and 9 cm in depth, with a width of 9 cm, this beaker showcases intricate detailing and fine workmanship characteristic of the period. The silver gilt finish adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the piece, making it a valuable collector's item and a testament to the skilled artisans of the era.

The beaker's design reflects the aesthetic sensibilities of the Mughal and Indian cultures, with ornate motifs and decorative elements adorning its surface. The accompanying lid adds to its allure, making it a versatile and functional piece suitable for both display and practical use.

This Indian Silver beaker with lid is a rare and exceptional find, representing a bygone era of Indian craftsmanship and artistry. Whether displayed as a cherished artifact or utilized for its intended purpose, this beaker is sure to captivate enthusiasts of historical silverware and connoisseurs of exquisite antiquities.