A Louis XV style lanterns

A Louis XV style lanterns

Code: P0727573


W: 47cm (18.5")H: 85cm (33.5")

£5,500.00 Approx $7493.19, €6179.78

A pair of three, large four light Louis XV style gilded bronze lanterns. The elegantly shaped frame, gold plated with 24 carats gold, hand finished and finely chiselled, forming a drum, supported by four acanthus designed struts, terminated by four grapes and leaves foot, enclosing a twisted rope stem projecting four arms of lights, with stiff leaves drip pans and feuilles d'eau decorated nozzles, The 24 carats gold plating is of very high quality, and the bronze is hand chiselled and finished throughout. The curved glass panes is of nice quality and thick, and the lantern is topped by a slightly smoked glass dish.