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18th century Italian style chandelier

18th century Italian style chandelier

Code: S0597


W: 78cm (30.7")H: 98cm (38.6")D: 78cm (30.7")

£4,700.00 Approx $6464.92, €5503.51

18th century style Italian chandelier with central wooden core water guilt, With outstretched arms made of iron with gold leaf terminating in the wooden Supporting cut glass Drip pans above graduating oval buttons supporting a star sunburst plaque slight see smoky courts in colour strands of beautifully cut oval beads held together with bronze loops upward stretching to square pyramid cut lozenges supporting pyramid and then continuing up on further oval faceted beads to the central cart wood feathered decoration which is further capped in outward stretching graduated faceted beads terminating with prism drops emulating a fountain. Circa 1860
Recently wired with French candles E10 bulbs.