A late 17th-century oak coffer

A late 17th-century oak coffer

Code: P0723102


W: 127cm (50")H: 75cm (29.5")D: 56cm (22")

£775.00 Approx $959.16, €900.12

This is a late 17th-century oak coffer, either from the time of James II or during the reign of William and Mary. It features a hinged top with decorative moulded edges. The front of the coffer displays a frieze adorned with interlinked arches and stylized foliate fronds, situated above four relief-carved panels in a lozenge pattern. The stiles of the coffer are intricately carved with strapwork guilloche motifs. In terms of dimensions, it stands at 75cm in height, 126cm in width, and 56cm in depth.