A Silver Bachelors Teapot

A Silver Bachelors Teapot

Code: SL02


H: 14cm (5.5")L: 28cm (11")

£380.00 Approx $473.23, €443.41

A Silver Bachelors Teapot possess bears the hallmark of London 1929, signifying its origin and the year of its creation. The esteemed maker of this exquisite piece is none other than Charles Stuart Harris & Son Ltd, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship in silverware. The teapot's design features a beautifully crafted gadrooned edge, adding an elegant touch to its overall appearance. Enhancing its stately presence, the teapot stands gracefully on four sturdy ball feet, providing both stability and visual appeal. The combination of its historical significance, meticulous detailing, and timeless design make this teapot a true treasure that embodies the artistry and heritage of fine silverware.