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A Victorian Arts and Crafts brass bound oak bucket with liner, crafte

£250.00 Approx $309.41, €290.36

Code: P075246

 A Victorian Arts and Crafts brass bound oak bucket with liner, crafted by R A Lister & Co in 1867, is a truly exquisite and authentic piece from that period. This remarkable artifact is in excellent condition, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of the era.

The bucket features solid brass fittings throughout, which not only add a touch of elegance but also ensure its durability. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the precise construction and seamless integration of the brass elements into the oak framework. These brass fittings serve both a functional and decorative purpose, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece.

Inside the bucket, you will find the distinctive maker's mark, a testament to the reputation and legacy of R A Lister & Co. The company, founded by Sir Robert Ashton Lister in 1867, initially specialized in the production of agricultural machinery. However, this particular piece showcases their versatility, as they were also adept at creating exquisite household items.

The Victorian Arts and Crafts movement, which flourished during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, emphasized the importance of handmade craftsmanship and the use of natural materials. This bucket exemplifies the essence of the movement, with its solid oak construction and attention to detail in every aspect of its design.

Owning such a remarkable artifact allows one to appreciate the artistry and skill of the Victorian era while also adding a touch of history and elegance to any space. Whether displayed as a standalone decorative piece or utilized for its original purpose, this Victorian Arts and Crafts brass bound oak bucket is sure to captivate the admiration of all who encounter it.