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A mahogany dining table attributed to Gillows

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An extending dining table attributed to Gillows of Lancaster from the George IV era, circa 1825, follows the 'Imperial' design with four additional leaf insertions. It measures 73cm high, 358cm long (when fully extended), and 137cm wide. In 1813, Gillows of London and Lancaster provided a similar 'Set of mahogany Imperial dining tables on stout twined [sic] reeded legs and brass socket casters' for Broughton Hall, Yorkshire, at a cost of 50 guineas. Richard Gillow had previously patented an extending table in 1800, known as the 'Patent Imperial dining-table' (M. Jourdain, Regency Furniture 1795-1830, London, rev.ed., 1965, p. 64-65, fig. 130). Another dining table attributed to Gillows was sold by The Lord Brownlow, Belton House, Lincolnshire, at a Christie's house sale in 1984. Although no surviving accounts relate to the Brownlow commission, much of the furniture at Belton, including this dining table, is attributed to Gillows.